UPDATE on Coronavirus

The Coronavirus Pandemic – Limiting your time in the waiting room at Gp East and phone consultations

There have been an increasing number of cases of Coronavirus diagnosed in NSW this week. Fortunately, to date all but a few have been due to international travel or close contact with those infected with coronavirus rather than being contracted from being out and about in the community.

Measures such as avoiding crowds, avoiding handshakes and close contact when greeting others, frequent hand washing, coughing into your elbow and most importantly staying home when you’re unwell are all really important preventing spread of the virus.

Older people and people with chronic disease such as heart disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, hypertension and cancer are at higher risk of the more severe forms of the illness.

To protect you, our patients and our staff we will be limiting your time in our waiting room around others if you have any symptoms. Please be nearby (eg in your car, outside) shortly before the time of your appointment and we will call or text you when you are next.

Our staff may be wearing protective equipment such as masks, gowns and gloves. Please do not be alarmed, we are aiming to stay well so as to be able to continue to provide you with health services throughout the Coronavirus outbreak.

As before, please call in advance if you have cough, fever, shortness of breath or any upper respiratory symptoms. Let our staff know if you have travelled in the past 14 days or have been in contact with someone known to have Coronavirus. Thank you to everyone for your cooperation. 


If your health issue can be safely managed over the phone OR you have respiratory symptoms please book this appointment. Cost will be Private billing $44 - $80 depending on time taken. Limited bulk billing is available under specific Medicare criteria (not everyone will be eligible). We are offering this option to eligible patients usually bulk billed at our practice.

If you have an existing appointment you wish to convert to a phone appointment, please do give our receptionists a call -93136566. Unfortunately, at the current time we are unable to do Care plans (Mental health or Chronic disease) over the phone due to Medicare restrictions.

If you have general questions about the latest on Coronavirus, please visit the Healthdirect or NSW heath websites or call the Healthdirect Coronavirus hotline on 1800 022 222.