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At GP East, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized medical care for you and your family. 

If you are positive for COVID, you will receive an SMS from NSW Health 
COVID-19 Test & Isolate National Protocols 



Covid vaccinations  (Pfizer) are available at GP East. We are giving Booster vaccinations to over 16 year olds, 3 months after your 2nd vaccination.If you have had COVID you can have a booster vaccine as soon as you feel well . There is no need to wait.We are also  vaccinating children aged 5-11 . After 25/4/22 we will commence our Influenza vaccinations . We are able to give the 4th COVID vaccine and the Influenza vaccine on the same day for all patients over 65. 
We have plenty of availability for vaccine appointments.
Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are both equally effective Booster vaccines.The Novavax vaccine is also available at other vaccine centres . Immunosuppressed patients can start having 4th doses 3 months after their 3rd vaccination . We have not yet been notified about 5th doses for immunosuppressed patients.

It is essential that we vaccinate everyone against COVID to help stop this pandemic. 

We also recommend the Influenza vaccination for everyone 
We are unable to provide vaccine exemptions to any patients.
The vaccines are safe and can save your life

We encourage you to follow the Australian Government advice and register for your vaccination . 
Thank you for your understanding.

Due to the Omicron variant, COVID infections are now widespread.At Gp East, we still have a mask policy for all patients and staff .This will continue for the foreseeable future to protect our vulnerable patients.
Please have a COVID test if you have any symptoms at all .  If you are symptomatic, we are unable to see you face to face unless you have had a negative PCR test.(A negative RAT is not sufficient) 


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